Saturday, October 1, 2011

Book of Mormon Month - Day 1: Precious Promises of the Book of Mormon

October is Book of Mormon Month here at American Testament! For anyone who didn't participate in Book of Mormon Challenge 2011, it's time to make good, crack open 1st Nephi, and get to reading. Your goal is 18 pages per day to complete your reading in 30 days.

For anyone new to the Book of Mormon, or in need of a refresher, below is a simplified timeline of the origin of the book. I'll be posting more helpful resources like these as we move forward with our reading.

To supplement your reading, I'm providing occasional handy links to inspiring Ensign (LDS Magazine) articles from the October 2011 edition.

Today's article is by the LDS prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.

Precious Promises of the Book of Mormon

Many years ago I stood at the bedside of a young father as he hovered between life and death. His distraught wife and their two children stood nearby. He took my hand in his and, with a pleading look, said, “Bishop, I know I am about to die. Tell me what happens to my spirit when I do.” Read More or Listen

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