Friday, December 19, 2008

The Real Story of Christmas

Listen now!Ever since I found out (late) that Glenn Beck converted to the LDS faith, I've become more and more of a fan of his each year.

For those not familiar with his story of conversion, it is indeed fascinating. By his own admission, he is the last person he ever would have expected to be part of any kind of organized religion, let alone the LDS Church. Of all the religions he could have chosen, ours was the last one on his mind.

He went from a bitter, drug-addicted, bellicose radio host to becoming one of the most outspoken, and popular, apologists for Christianity in the Western Hemisphere.

This Christmas season, in his ongoing effort to replace political correctness with bold truth, he has put together a soothing, yet eye-opening narrative of "The Real Story of Christmas". In other words, it's not watered down with secularist nonsense and conjecture about whether Mary really was a virgin or whether any of Christ's first visitors really considered him to be their Messiah. Unlike with Dateline and Discovery Channel, Beck literally shouts it out loud and clear for the whole world to hear that he is not ashamed of Christ, the Redeemer of Israel, the Son of God.

How I pray that we will be so bold. We have less to lose than Brother Beck. He has a syndicated TV and radio show with millions of fans. Most of us have but a few neighbors who even realize we're Christians. Pass this along for all to hear.

Glenn won't mind. :)