Saturday, August 8, 2009

FAIR Conference Pics!

These are the pics I took at the FAIR Conference. Hope you like 'em!

Kevin Barney, Blair Hodges and Mike Parker are happy for a successful conference.

Me with Greg Smith and Blair Hodges.

And now just the two.

Roger Nicholson is this year's John Taylor Defender of the Faith Award winner for his work on the FAIR wiki.

Brant Gardner with Blair Hodges

Paul McNabb, FAIR auctioneer, ruined my chances of winning a 16 volume set of the FARMS Review for way cheap. Thanks a lot Paul!

Scott Gordon with Richard Berghammer

Allen Wyatt with Scott Gordon. They are Vice-President and President of FAIR, respectively.

Matt Roper speaking with Brant Gardner and Dan Peterson at lunch.

Kerry Shirts interviews Dan Peterson for a new Youtube video.

Kevin Barney has some amazing research on a number of topics. From the scriptures to theology to LDS history, Kevin is a true renaissance man of apologetics.

Tyler Livingston, Dan Peterson, Brant Gardner and myself.

Now with Kerry Shirts.

The Three Stooges of Mormon apologetics.

Jan Anderson, Juliann Reynolds and Sharon Blackburn prove that apologetics isn't just for dudes.

Me with John Gee. Professor Gee is a walking Egyptological encyclopedia, and I greatly enjoy reading his works and speaking with him on what his new research is revealing about the Book of Abraham.

Brant Gardner takes time from writing/presenting more amazing research on the Book of Mormon to take a picture with one of his undying acolytes.

Matt Brown, the self-proclaimed indentured servant of Covenant Books, smiles with me for the camera. Anything written by this man is worth its weight in gold.

John Lynch, one of the head honchos at FAIR, smiles for the camera.

Blair Hodges, aka "Life on a Plate", is one hilarious dude. Look for his upcoming review of Shawn McCraney in the FARMS Review.*
*I would like my money now, Blair, for the shameless plug I promised.

Bob Vukich or Bob the Anti-anti-Mormon. Me and Bob go way back to debating Street Preachers at General Conference. Bob has eviscerated many of Shawn McCraney's ridiculous claims on his website.

Scott Gordon, president of FAIR, has done amazing work setting up the conference and leading FAIR into the future.

Wade Miller, who spoke at the conference, presents his new book "Science and the Book of Mormon".

Mike Ash is a cool dude, and has written two fantastic books entitled "Shaken Faith Syndrome: How to Strengthen One's Testimony in the Face of Criticism and Doubt" and "Of Faith and Reason: 80 Evidences Supporting the Prophet Joseph Smith".

Matt Roper, that FARMS Pseudo-scholar, takes a minute to strike a pose with me.

Louis Midgley really isn't that bad of a guy when you get to know him. Just don't ever allow your back to be turned from him. That's when he attacks!

Louis Midgley looks as confused as always.

Craig Foster, an LDS historian and FAIR volunteer, has written some excellent works on Mormon history.

David Keller looking as enthusiastic as Greg Smith.

Greg Smith is much funnier when he speaks than when he takes pictures. Seriously dude, smiling is good for you! ;^)

Kerry Shirts with Margaret Young. Margaret recently worked on a new DVD entitled Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Considering that I am, according to some online anti-Mormons, a veritable "DCP Jr.", I like this picture a lot.

Tyler Livingston and Allen Wyatt harass conference attendees registering on the first day of the conference.

Dana Repouille shows off his pearly whites.

Tyler Livingston has filmed Brant Gardner for some FAIR videos, including the newly released DVD by FAIR "The Bible vs. the Book of Mormon: A Closer Examination".

Mike Parker was our registration guru this year.

Kerry Shirts with John Gee. These two have done excellent work defending the Book of Abraham from the critics and providing new insights into that extraordinary book of scripture.

George Cobabe is FAIR's resident Danite. Don't mess with him... or else.

David Ferguson, who just returned from his mission, adds spunk and youth to FAIR.