Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fun and Fanfare at the FAIR Conference!!

Wow! The 2008 FAIR Conference was, in a word, amazing! So many wonderful topics were presented and so many shoulders were rubbed. I am still reeling over how fun this recent conference was. And, as promised, I shall present on this year's FAIR Conference here at American Testament. However, after completing the two day conference, I realize that I cannot fit everything into one post, so I shall create many; one on the presentations of Mark Alan Wright, Larry Poulsen and Brant Gardner*, another on my experience in meeting different people at the conference and a third on some reflections on Mormon apologetics and the role of apologetics in the Church.

* Due to jet lag which tired me out and the fact that I am a terrible note taker, the reader is strongly encouraged to read the notes provided by Blair Hodges at his blog

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