Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Mayans and the Cahokia Mounds

I had prepared a blog post to tell you all about my trip to Cahokia mounds

But Google's ate it.

I was going to tell you all about how there are some interesting links between the Cahokian civilization and the Mayan civilization of the Yucatan, only 1,200 miles to the south, including Cahokian belief in a "Pale Prophet" who taught them Judeo-Christian commandments.

But Google's ate it.

I wanted to show how modern science acts like some dogmatic religions with detail about a conversation I had with a museum docent at Cahokia Mounds State Park who said there were "absolutely no links to the Mayans" rather than "no links have yet been found". 

But I can't retrieve the work Google's and it's lame "undo" feature took from me when I was inserting one last image.

Instead, I'll provide some video and images below to let you draw your own conclusions.

While you do that, I'll start working on moving my blog to Wordpress and a new domain name.

Signs of Mayans in Georgia, USA?

Drawing of Cahokian Chunkey (tchung-kee) player

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  1. have you ever watched Ancient Aliens on H2 (History Channel 2)? Their latetst episode talked all about pyramids. During that episode, they flashed a map on the screen showing all the pyramid sites in the world and I was a bit surprised to see sites in the United States ... the videos you posted in this post explained that now.

    thanks for sharing!

  2. I've watched that series, more out of curiosity than a belief in aliens. It's helpful to get outside of the "accepted" narrative of how civilization developed to practice one's critical thinking skills. There are a lot of gaps in present-day understandings of ancient civilizations and we need real scientists to try to fill them in. By "real scientists" I mean people who haven't bought into the whole "settled science" mantra and who believe science is always about asking more questions. Thanks for sharing!


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