Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kerry Shirts FAIR Conference Videos

Kerry Shirts filmed a number of people at the FAIR Conference, including yours truly, in connection to a number of subjects. The most prominent subject in his interviews was about the Book of Mormon. He spoke with Scott Woodward, Brant Gardner, Daniel C. Peterson and myself concerning Book of Mormon topics. Here are the videos for your enjoyment.

P.s. for those who wish to see some notes taken on the conference presentations, head on over the Blair Hodge's "Life on Gold Plates" website.

And now for the videos:

*Note that the portion of Dan Peterson speaking about the Book of Mormon starts at around 4 minutes into the below video.*

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  1. Fabulous! Thanks for posting these. It's great to have such good FAIR coverage for those of us unable to attend or watch streaming video (my young kids don't let me sit still long).


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