Friday, February 27, 2009 Tells Youth Why...

Got Youth?  Point them to with the questions they won't ask you but that you know they have.  I give this site points on the engaging design alone.  It's eye-candy and fun to fiddle around with on its own.  But the value it carries is priceless when you consider how many LDS youth are ashamed or afraid to ask simple questions about what they learn in Seminary.  Why?  Fear of what peers will think of them for asking and/or fear of knowing God will expect them to live up to a higher standard while everyone around them seems to be striving to live the lowest standards possible.  Just move your mouse over the numbers and it spins like a jukebox of inquiries of eternal import.  Your question isn't there? Ask it in the form to the top right.  Answers appear in the excellently put together blog.  There are other resources on the top left.  Of course, there's a book you can buy, as well as an official Facebook page.

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