Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2008 FAIR Conference

FAIR - or the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research - has its annual FAIR Conference this year on August 7th and 8th at South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah. This year's conference is sure to be good, as a number of excellent scholars and speakers are lined up to speak on topics including the Book of Mormon, the Book of Abraham, the Book of Moses, Church history, apologetics, Joseph Smith's DNA and many more topics. 

Even though I am reporting this late, it is still not too late to come. I attended last year and can testify to the fun and excitement of being able to rub shoulders and talk shop with other online apologists and brilliant scholars. Anyone who wishes to still come are highly encouraged to attend. More information on the conference can be found at the FAIR website.

I will be attending and will report on the FAIR Conference here at American Testament. Three speakers, Mark Wright, Brant Gardner and Larry Poulsen will be focusing on topics involving the Book of Mormon, which I will pay considerable attention to and report here after words. I also will then discuss the role of apologetics in the Church and why I am proud to call myself a Mormon apologist. 

For a complete schedule of the 2008 FAIR Conference, see below:

Thursday Schedule
Time Speaker/Event Presentation
8:00 am Registration 
9:00 am Opening 
9:10 am Mike Ash Shaken Faith Syndrome
10:10 am Mark Wright The Book of Mormon and Mesoamerica
11:10 am Margaret Young and
Darius Gray
 Nobody Knows, the Untold Story of Black Mormons
12:10 pm Lunch 
1:15 pm Brian Birch,
Blake Ostler, and
James Faulconer
 Philosophy and Mormonism
2:30 pm Jeffrey Bradshaw The Message of the Joseph Smith Translation: A Walk in the Garden
3:30 pm Snack Break 
3:45 pm Larry Poulsen Book of Mormon Geography
4:45 pm Ugo Perego Joseph Smith's DNA Revealed: New Clues from the Prophet's Genes
5:45 pm Closing 


Friday Schedule
Time Speaker/Event Presentation
8:00 am Registration 
9:00 am Opening 
9:05 am Ron Esplin The Joseph Smith Papers
10:05 am Matthew Brown The Israelite Temple and the Early Christians
11:05 am Newell Bringhurst and
Craig Foster
 The White Horse Prophecy: Myth vs. Reality
12:05 am Lunch 
1:00 pm FAIR Business 
1:30 pm Scott Gordon Online Apologetics
2:30 pm Brian Hauglid The Book of Abraham
3:30 pm Snack Break 
3:45 pm Brant Gardner Second Witness: The Book of Mormon
4:45 pm Daniel Peterson Humble Apologetics
5:45 pm Closing 


  1. I am peeved that I could not actually make it to Utah--even purchased my ticket for the two days :-(

    I *will* be there next year *fingers crossed*. And, Steve, you better give a description of the conference :-)

    Oh, and say hi to fellow FAIR-list members on my behalf, if you can.

  2. Sure thing, Robert. I am sorry that you could not come this year. Next year, hopefully. ;-)


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