Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Snoop Dog and the Book of Mormon

UPDATE 2: God works in mysterious ways. Here's a real photo of the real Snoop Lion / Snoop Dog with a real Book of Mormon given to him by real sister missionaries. :)

UPDATE: Alas, 'tis a hoax. It was late when I posted that and I didn't bother to check.

From the "Well Whaddya Know" department comes this fun photo:

I sincerely hope this is real and not a Photoshop job. Snoop could use a little Book of Mormon love.


  1. I thought that this was true as well but unfortunately it is a hoax. Thankfully, I still have my testimony.

  2. I heard that it was a April Fools joke.

  3. The Snoop Dog/Book of Mormon meme is no longer a hoax. See the updated post! :)


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